Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interesting and Odd

Since I've been slackin' the last couple days on the blog, and I don't really feel like writing about my news day, this post is going to be a mish-mash of the INTERESTING and ODD things that happened over the last couple of days... or at least INTERESTING and ODD to me. So here they are in no particular order.

Did you know a lot of people shop on their smart phones? That's something I learned during our Cyber-Monday story. You probably knew that, but I found it INTERESTING (if not a wee bit disturbing)! Rampant consumerism. So why is our economy tanking? Most INTERESTING .

Here's something kinda ODD and voo-doo-ish.

I went to the antique fair in Torrance on Sunday (seen here with my swell family), and because I felt like being a girl, I wore one of my favorite vintage dresses. While walking around checking out all the cool stuff, a woman approached and handed me a clutch. She said she wanted me to have it because it matched my outfit so perfectly and I had the guts to wear vintage. Super nice, right? Then like five minutes later, the handle on my own vintage purse BROKE. Yep. So her little gift came in quite handy. I find that INTERESTING and ODD... don't you?

Here's something for ya. Why don't we listen to our brains? INTERESTING, right?

On Friday, I took my visiting family on a SoCal tour (my super cool Aunt Debbie was in town from Kentucky) and one of our stops was the Crystal Cove tide pools. We were checking out all the cute little critters when I decided--despite my brain telling me it was stupid and I'd probably slip--to step over a crevasse to the other side. And guess what? I did in fact slip, doing a pirouette--so my Aunt Debbie says--and falling between the jagged rocks up to my hips in water and my shoulders in rock, and in that process, smashed up a rather expensive lens. ODD how I didn't listen to my own common sense, don't ya think?

Speaking of brain control, we did a most INTERESTING interview with Depak Chopra today.

Talk about the epitome of calm! He's in town hosting a seminar for war vets on how to use the mind to heal both emotional and physical ailments. I'm a big believer in the power of positive thinking and know he's truly onto something. Heck. Norman Vincent Peale's Power of Positive Thinking pulled me out of pretty dark place once.Wanna hear something ODD? I found the book at a point when I'd hit rock bottom. I used to walk over to the La Brea Tar Pits and sit on a bench there to think, and one day it was just sitting there waiting. And guess what? The tar pits were one of the unplanned places we visited this week.... ODD.

The Tar Pits themselves... INTERESTING.  So very, very INTERESTING. Especially since my visiting Aunt Debbie had been reading about them, and we just happened to be driving on La Brea and she asked if they were near and we were just blocks away... so we went. WHOA.... ODD.

Another ODD bit. Our legal system. Odd is perhaps too gentle a term to describe the disasters in our courts. Why is it that a man who walks into a salon, blows away eight people (including his ex-wife), and gives a full confession to the police when arrested, pleads NOT GUILTY during an arraignment for the crime???

Come on! Clearly he had no problem taking responsibility for the crime after he did it, so why do the attorneys talk him into pleading not guilty instead of sparing the tax payers a whole lot of money and time for a lengthy trial?? Talk about a waste! He knows he's guilty, all the witnesses know he's guilty, upon arrest his truck was full of the weapons used, he had on a bullet proof vest, and most of all, the man put up his hands when the cops stopped him minutes after the rampage and said, "I know what I did." What more do ya need????? ODD. And flat out stupid. That was my story yesterday.

ODD. The characters on Hollywood Boulevard. Totally ODD (and frankly quite creepy).

My family. Both INTERESTING and ODD. Whoa. Beyond odd! But that's why I love 'em! Thanks for a wonderful visit Aunt Debbie, Daddy, and Mommy! Love ya!

I could probably dig up some other INTERESTING and ODD things from the past couple of days ('cause life is full of 'em), but it's getting dark and I want to go veg. Hope you enjoyed this little diversion from the norm.

Later gators!


  1. Great post! I'm always up for things both interesting and odd. The tar pits are pretty magical. When I'm in a bad head space, I go to the tar pits and roll down the hills by the parking lot. There is something therapeutic about rolling down a hill and surely, I give people an interesting and odd story to tell their family when they get home.

  2. I am awake at 4:30am cuz my guard dogs are guarding. I can't see anyone outside but that doesn't matter to them. Anyway I decided to Google Motor Palace & You popped right up! Scrolled & clicked on a few things until I came to this.
    I was thinking, when does she have time to write a blog & a book? But I answered my own question, probably at a crazy hour when she can't sleep or is kept awake by barking dogs!
    Interesting & odd that I read your blog from the day after the Seal Beach Salon shooting. I remember driving down there in the Satellite truck wishing I had a motorcycle because it was such a nice day for a ride. Then I hook up with you & learn the details of what happened. I agree ... Not guilty .. C'mon man! boys stopped barking. Gonna try to go to sleep again.
    Ughhh spoke too soon. This right now is neither interesting or odd. Just annoying.

    1. Sumo... I hope you finally got some sleep. My mom was just harassing me the other day about why I've stopped writing this particular blog. She liked reading about my news days. BUT... no time. Glad you enjoyed the interesting and odd. Hope sleep at last found you. xo