Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Other Life

Photojournalist by week. Writer by weekend, although right now I'm focused more on putting together a marketing strategy for my novel MOTOR DOLLS (website I've learned a lot over the last couple of weeks about creating a viral presence on the web. Publishing houses are going through tons of changes, especially for the debut author, and getting the book out there now falls primarily on the author's shoulders. I want to be prepared. Premature? Maybe. But I'd rather have everything in place so I'm not scrambling when it happens.

January, I parted ways with my agent, and now that I'm free of that contract, I'm forging full speed ahead toward publishing. I have two agents currently reading, and have entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, making the first cut from 10,000 novels to 2000 novels. I'm also checking into smaller publishing houses and other options, like e-publishing and self publishing. The world is changing, both in the news world and in the writing world, and I want to roll with those changes rather than cling to dying standards.

Every option will be explored. And now... I'm off to write.

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