Monday, February 22, 2010

Standing on a Corner... Winslow Arizona!

Funny how song lyrics can make a town famous.

 My best feller has this fantasy about packing it in from the big city (Los Angeles area) and moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere, so this week--for his birthday--we trekked to Winslow, Arizona, made famous by the Eagles song, and you know what? I actually liked it.

Besides being a historic Route 66 town, it has an interesting art and architecture scene.

The people were fantastic throughout town, especially at The La Posada Hotel. What a phenomenal place. I mean, seriously, seriously cool stuff. Go to the linked website and check it out. What the owner did to bring it back from the brink is unbelievable.

Birthday boy Brian at the
entrance to La Posada with
his friend the camel.

Live guitar music
at La Posada. I could
have sat all night and

We fell in love with a building.
And hey! It’s for sale!

But here’s the deal. Winslow is
about population 10,000. Small.
Really small. I’ve lived in big cities
for most of my life. Could I handle such
an extreme change? I’m pondering.


Especially after going
 from this gorgeous
desert sunset... this hideous LA traffic.                             

Who knows? Maybe I could be right at home in Winslow. Just hole up, and write.

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