Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Convince People to get Naked

I knew that title would get you!

But hey! That's what I had to do today. Convince a girl to get naked. In front of a camera. For TV.

One benefit of being a female television photojournalist is that there aren't a lot of us out there, and in certain situations a girl cameraman is a heck of a lot more appropriate. Like for breast cancer stories. Or stories that are highly emotional.

Or stories at tanning salons.

Yep. That's where I had to ask a girl to get nekked. But I swear! There was a news hook!

Part of the new health care package passed by congress includes a 10% tax on tanning beds--kind of a "sin" tax on something potentially not good for you, like the cigarette tax, and a way for the government to (partially) fund the new health care plan.

But how do you visually tell a story about tanning beds without seeing someone in a tanning bed? And what do people wear in tanning beds? NOTHING!

In comes the female photographer benefit. Had I been a dude asking to enter the room while a girl tanned, I'd probably have been kicked in the nether regions. Granted, the first three we asked said, "Hell no!"

Then I saw my target. A super fit young girl who looked insanely confident in her body.  So we asked. Her eyes got big. She hesitated. Then she shrugged and said, "Why not?"

Granted, when we got into the room and I ran the scene through my head I realized I wouldn't be able to get anything but tight shots if she was, well, nekked. So we compromised on her sports bra and panties.

So where are the pictures you ask? Come on! It's one thing to show a moving image on TV, quite another to put a still up to be analyzed. The girl didn't agree to that! (Sorry Sir Venator!)

So. Would you get naked for a TV camera?

I know my answer.


  1. NO! I wouldn't even go fully clothed in front of a camera...I'm just too shy. I have issues of taking photos with people.

    Funny post and your title did get me. YOU had me at 'how'.


  2. Haha! Good story. Her reaction is funny. First wide-eyed surprise then a WTH sorta attitude. And the funniest part is that you called out Ven on his latest postings. ROFL Nice one.

  3. NO! I'd break the camera! Dad wants to know how much would it pay!