Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm grinnin' for no good reason

Remember a couple of days ago when I posted about finding your happy?

Well today, my news story... no. I'm not going to tell you. I'll just tell you today's assignment had something to do with one of my blog posts last week about someone with the initials "O.M." Got it? 

Anyway. So it was a hectic, up to the deadline kind of day and I was rushing around, shooting, editing, getting us ready for air, shot a quick, last minute interview, edited it down... rush, rush, rush... break down the shot, pack it all up, wanna get out of there and take a shower after our story.... ew... and then this:

 I screeched to a halt on the sidewalk. There, amongst the blades of grass, this pretty little flower! It was the size of a clover, so small, it could easily be missed in the sea of green. A little bitty... what is that? A pansy? Whatever it was, it was so insanely cute I had to grab a picture.

Seeing this happy little thing made me smile like an idiot. It made me forget my truck's transmission's death that morning. Forget I was wasting yet another day at O.M.'s house. Forget I didn't make the quarterfinal round of the Amazon novel contest. None of it matter. I had this pretty little flower staring up at me.

Oh man! Forget... Was it a forget-me-not?? I totally don't know my flowers. Anyone?

So hey! Did anything make you smile today? If so, share!


  1. I don't know my flowers either. I should. My dad is like a walking botanical encyclopedia.

    I love this story. Only a photographer would find such pleasure in the first tiny flower amidst a sea of grass. lol We make the world see what they'd otherwise overlook.

    So YOU made me smile today. Thanks.

  2. Awww... thanks Greta! Glad I could provide that service. :)

  3. Did anything make me smile today? Yes! Today I saw a cute little car...like from the 1060s. It made me smile.


  4. What a beautiful little flower, think it's a pansy. That would make me smile too!

    I had a big smile and a big chuckle today. If a squirrel was running around your house, I think you would smile too. Emma the hunter cat brought it in (guess she likes to bring us critters just to show us, because she never seems to hurt them). Again, as we have had to do many times, make a runway with cushions etc. and then chase it out the door. The last time this happened right as the squirrel was running down the hall towards me, I screamed and it ran back under the chair in the TV room. So...we had to start all over again! Sometimes I think we are the Beverly Hillbillies!

  5. Well Maw! That's the funniest durn story I ever did hear! Thanks for the chuckle!