Monday, March 22, 2010

The Jobless Redhead Gets A Job!!

Don't you love happy endings?

Last month, I covered a story about a "Jobless Redhead" who found an inventive way to search for a job. Check out my blog post from February.

Way too often, we (the media) don't follow up on stories, which is sad. One day a person is top of the newscast, the next forgotten. In this case, my reporter kept in touch with Michael, and yesterday he texted that he'd found employment through his efforts. By standing on the corner with a sign directing people to his resume (posted at, he got over a thousand email responses, many interviews, and several offers. The one he accepted?

A marketing job for an oral surgeon. He'll visit dentist offices--both ones with established relationships and those without--and build relationships for referrals. It's a great job for him. The guy is personable. He's smart. He's creative. No doubt he'll do very well.

So what's he going to do with his Jobless Redhead website? Maybe rent it out to another unemployed redhead, he says. Now that's thinkin'!

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