Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Five--Glenwood Springs, CO to Denver, CO

Here we are at our final destination--Denver--at least until Monday, when we take the southern route back to California. We had another gorgeous day of travel along the Colorado River, complete with white water river rafters and a really bitchin' tunnel that seemed to go forever. Funny thing... when you climb in elevation, it gets colder. My feller knows the exact elevation, check in with him ( I just know I was freezing my butt off. Because we only stopped for gas, I took only one picture. Here it is, at a gas station. Epic, eh? At least the subjects are handsome.

We pulled off the Interstate at one point looking for gas and cruised through a cool little town... Idaho something. But the gas station was under construction.

We continued on, arriving in Denver around two-ish.

Be prepared. Here comes a bit of a rant....

I've been told Denver isn't a motorcycle friendly town, but I didn't really believe it. Then we arrived. Wow. The Marriott at City Center where we're staying doesn't allow motorcycles on premises. We were told we had to park in the public parking structure down the street--even though a giant horse trailer and truck were allowed to stay. So we go to the recommended garage. The motorcycle parking is full. We go to the next level, and the next, and finally find a regular spot. But no!! One of the workers told us motorcycles can be parked ONLY on the first floor. We explained it was full. He said, "Squeeze in." Really?? Come on. Denver, and more so the Marriott City Center, are now on my not-so-great list.

But I won't let it ruin the trip.

Rant over.

I'd like to take some time to address a question that has come up: Shooting pictures and video while riding a motorcycle. For any others who are concerned about safety, I do this only on the scenic roads when we are traveling at low speed. Generally (with the exception of this one) my eyes remain on the road, the camera is looped around my neck, and with my left hand, I take the picture/video. It's quick, and quite safe. I don't let it distract me from piloting the machine. I don't shoot on the Interstates. Trust me...

The next couple of days, I'll be lounging poolside (sadly, it's an indoor poor). It's doubtful I'll have worthwhile blog material.

Hey wait! I'll just give it to you now:

Day 6: Lounged by the pool.
Day 7: Lounged by the pool.

Until Day 8, when we hit the road again....

Later gators

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