Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Two--Mesquite, NV to Tropic, UT

Such a great day, where to begin...

Breakfast? Okay. St. George, at the Bear Paw Cafe, located on historic Main Street in an area loaded with charm. I'm discovering our country is riddled with historic Main Streets, which is good. Certainly better than strip malls. I found the place thanks to an internet search, and even though the grouchy mountain bike guy's blog said it was "overrated," we decided to go anyway. Glad we did. My apple-stuffed french toast was de-licious.

From there, it was off to Zion National Park. WOW. What a place! Talk about feeling small in the world, with the giant red cliffs dwarfing us on either side. Spectacular. In case you're wondering what it's like to ride a motorcycle through Zion, here's a taste.

I'd like to say the sepia video was an intentional artistic choice, but, ummm.... no. It's hard to change settings while shooting one handed and steering with the other. Sadly, the sepia takes away the vibrancy of the red cliffs, which were made redder by the rain. But... you get the idea, right?
The roads through the park are also red, like the rocks, and smooth, with great hook around turns as you climb--fun, but not overly challenging. The ride through the park ended too quickly, maybe twenty miles or so. One of the best parts was riding through the caves. Tomorrow, I think we hit Bryce Canyon. I can hardly wait.

Oh yeah... did I mention it rained? Pretty cool. Literally. Had to stop and put rain gear on. We've been really lucky with weather. Yes, it's been raining, but because of that the temperatures have been mild, and with the sun behind the clouds, very comfortable with little squinting. Yes, in fact, those ARE sideways raindrops coming down on my Sportster!

We scored on our stop for the night: Tropic, Utah's Bryce Country Cabins, another internet find thanks to a tip from of our pal Chris.

Charm doesn't do the place justice. Individual log cabins situated on a twenty-acre farm. The field of alfalfa is our view out the back side of the cabin, and there are swinging wooden chairs to sit and ponder the beauty--the alfalfa, not the goofy girl.

And did I mention the critters?? Goats (yay! goats!), sheep, horses, bison, chickens...

...perfect for critter lovers like us.

I wonder if this precious goat would fit on my motorcycle? Hmmm....

And since we started with food, we'll end on food. Dinner in Tropic, at Clark's Restaurant. I had the delicious ruby trout. So good.

We brought home a slice of mixed fruit pie for later. Speaking of pie, as we were riding today, I started thinking about my family's obsession with pie. On our cross-country family trips, the most important thing to find was pie. And not just any pie. It had to be homemade. Twice today, I saw restaurants along the way touting homemade pie. It made me think of our family vacations with great fondness.

Well, I've certainly rambled on. Time to go.

We had a lot of great pictures today. Check out the photo album on www.socal67.com for a few more. Don't want to slow the site down too much or bore our audience (hi mom!) so we won't put them all up, just enough to give the flavor of the trip.

Until tomorrow...

Later gators!

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