Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Forecast

Oh my. Last night, we checked the ten-day outlook for Utah. The forecast? Yes. That's right. THUNDERSTORMS. In fact, most of our trip looks as if we'll be riding through rain. Swell, huh? Well... I wanted an adventure, right? And what could be more adventurous than riding through curvy mountain roads in the rain? Oh my. At least there's the saving caveat of "Isolated."

The two Sportsters. Feller will be on the red one in the foreground, and I, of course, will be on the chrome one. Ain't they purty?

On the up side, our Rev Pack motorcycle luggage came.

My feller strapped them onto the Sportsters and we did a test pack,
stuffing them with towels and blankets. They seem to work great. Question is, will it be enough? Two weeks? In this?

With a bag this small, my options will be sorely limited.
I mean, even
though according to Facebook I'm "0% Girl," I'm still a mood dresser and like to have options. But... it's not like I need cute outfits since no one will see them underneath my riding gear, right?

Acutally, the bigger problem is packing all of
our electronics: My SLR camera, both of our G cameras, both of our computers, chargers... you know, everything it takes to stay connected. Man. Life sure was simplier before all of this simplifying technology, eh?

Went to Auto Club and got a stack of maps.
And the sporting goods store for padded bicycle shorts to maybe cushion the ride.

Made reservations at the kitty boarders for the world's worst cat, Zoe.

It's all coming together.
Now, if only the sun will shine next week.

Until Sunday, later gators.

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