Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mo-Do B Nearly Gets Ditched

It's late, nearly eleven p.m. and our plan is to get up at four to leave, so I'll make this brief--cause I'm BEAT.

To get to the point? About three o'clock today, I was seriously worried I was going to get left behind for the big trip (not that my feller would ditch me or anything... at least not on purpose, right?... Nah...). It would be just like Nashville all over again, me waving goodbye and then going back into the house with the World's Worst Cat, Zoe and a kitchen remodel a quarter of the way done, while he rode across country living the dream.

Here's what happened:

We got everything packed--amazingly, it all fit--and decided to go out for a test run to make sure nothing would fall off as we motored down the road. Good news? It didn't. Bad news? My brake lights and turn signals had gone wonky, as in not working. My feller spent all day trying to fix the problem (check out for the details), and finally found the problem after dinner.

Woo hoo!!!! I still get to go!!!!

And now... I must sleep.

Until tomorrow--

Later gators

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