Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day Three--Tropic, Utah to Green River, Utah

I'm super tired after a challenging day of riding, so I'm going to make it short. My brain is feeling a bit mushy. I'll let the video do talking.

I'm all about Scenic Byway 12. Not only do you get the classic Utah red rocks, you also get high altitudes and pine trees, the green as vibrant as the earlier red. If you're ever in this part of Utah, it's well worth the trip, even with the construction we had to drive through. Loose gravel on winding mountain roads with no guard rails don't combine well with motorcycles, but fortunate for us, we met "The Desert Doctor" during our breakfast stop in Escalante, and he told us about the conditions so we were prepared for the gravel and took it nice and slow. Some other motorcyclists we passed did NOT look happy. At one point, an escort truck had to lead us through. But it was so worth it. From 12, we turned off onto 24. Again, a perfect choice. Capitol Reef wins my vote so far for coolest rocks, sheer cliffs that went vertical for what looked like miles. Intense.

Yesterday, I was all about pie, noticing every restaurant advertising the treat. (Last night's mixed fruit pie was very good, btw). Today, I fixated on barns. I don't know why. Pie makes sense. Barns? Maybe it's because we don't see barns in California. Or maybe my hillbilly Kentucky roots are shining through. Beats me.

And speaking of beat... time to sleep.

Until tomorrow....


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